Data Center Infrastructure

Data Centers are a specialized environment that houses the most valuable and critical equipment of the company. With our team of industry experts, we can help you build your own International standard data center facility.

Supernet offers the following services for building up Data center facility

Physical Design & Construction

  • Civil work
  • Aluminum / Glass partition
  • Raised Flooring
  • Anti-static Vinyl flooring
  • Cable tray

Safety Security of Data Centre

  • Fire Alarm system
  • Access Control System (Bio Metric & RFID systems)
  • CCTV system

Environment Management System

  • HVAC system
  • Precision Cooling
  • Temperature, humidity, smoke and water detection system

Electrical Power Management System

  • UPS & Batteries
  • DC Power system
  • Generator
  • Lighting
  • Earthting & Grounding