About Us 

Supernet Infrastructure Solutions (SuperInfra) is part of the Supernet Group of Companies. SuperInfra offers a wide range of Power and ICT Infrastructure solutions that help businesses achieve their profitability objectives through the best use of advanced equipment and technology.

We have an experience and expertise to design, implement, operate and maintain your entire ICT infrastructure that is scalable, flexible and reliable. Our team of industry experts would help you choose the best solution according to your requirements and budget.

Our comprehensive portfolio of services and solutions includes LAN & WIFI Solutions, Routing and Switching Solutions, Surveillance, Microsoft Solutions and Data Center Infrastructure services. In addition to the ICT solutions, SuperInfra offers Solar Power Solutions, Backup Power solutions and its Operations and Maintenance.

We have developed alliances and business relationships with several globally recognized companies to provide a tailor-made solution to our customers.

About Supernet Limited :

Supernet has been a market leader in IT & Telecom communications services since 1995. It offers a full portfolio of local-to-global communications solutions to enable key business processes of its customers. With its unmatched technical expertise, extensive range of services and solutions, and broadest presence of support staff, Supernet services are available anywhere across the country.

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